Friday, June 24, 2011

Butterfly Garden Excitement

Insect Lore's Butterfly Garden has been my go-to birthday gift for the past year. I love that the gift teaches and the excitement lasts longer than one day. I finally bought one for my kiddos and its arrival was pretty exciting!

 M saw the box and knew immediately what was in it!

It was like Christmas morning. I told M that it would take a little while before they turned into butterflies to which he responded, "Yeah, it will take about 9 minutes."

This week's library books are all about butterflies in anticipation of their arrival.

Love the serious expression!

Godzilla baby wasn't so gentle and lost holding rights pretty quickly.
We are keeping a journal of their transformation and hope we can even get the butterflies to lay more eggs for us. If anyone has tried other Insect Lore products I would love to hear about them.


Katie said... Reply to comment

I love that you call her Godzilla! What kind of butterflies will they turn in to (or is that a surprise?)

Sarah said... Reply to comment


They are Painted Lady Butterflies.

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