Monday, July 4, 2011

Cake Mix Doctor - Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

For my birthday my Mother-In-Law gave me the book The Cake Mix Doctor Returns, by Anne Byrn. When I opened the book I knew immediately that this was the first recipe I was going to make - The Strawberry Refrigerator Cake.                                                 

It is basically a yellow cake with cream cheese and vanilla added to the mix and then sour cream and whip cream icing. I made my own whipped cream since it is better and I can pronounce all the ingredients and for the Fourth of July I added blueberries.   

In writing this post I found out Anne Byrn has a whole web site with recipes including the one I just made! Click here to be whisked away to cakey goodness. 

Byrn has seven other books, including a gluten free cook book, dinner cook book and a pot luck cook book. I can see these making their way to my bookshelf soon.


Michelle said... Reply to comment

I have borrowed The Cake Doctor from the library several times and printed recipes from the web site. You've convinced me that it's finally time to go out and buy one of these books!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

Glad that I was so convincing! I plan on making the cinnamon rolls next, that is if I ever make it to the grocery store.

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