Friday, June 22, 2012

Broken Washing Machine

For most people a broken washing machine is a big hassle and means piles of dirty laundry that results in money out of pocket and a trip to the dreaded laundromat. It means that to me too but also an opportunity to try out a fun photo shoot location.

Taking pictures of your own kids is tough. My daughter refuses to look at me and when she does it usually means I get to see all of her tongue, her eyes squinted and her head contorted. My son just sighs when he sees me reach for my camera.

I do love this picture of my daughter. I would have loved to have her looking at me but I will take what I can get with that firecracker!

Right before I snapped this one my son said, "One picture, that is all mom." Here is that one picture.

I love that the laundromat is an unexpected place for a shoot and would love to see how this would work with kids other than my own. Thank you also to all the little old ladies that just smiled at me and my kids and even though I could see it in their eyes, never once asked what the hell I was doing.

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