Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pop Bottle Ecosystem

Yesterday we made a pop bottle ecosystem. It was pretty simple to make once you have all the supplies on hand. We found our inspiration here on Pinterest:

                                                                                  Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

We made the following changes:
1. The pet store didn't sell duck weed so I told them to sell me the hardiest most weed-like plant they have. They did. No idea what it is called, so please don't ask. It was cheap though.

2. I didn't include any fish because I was afraid they would die. We got two snails instead.

3. We had to cut slits on the middle layer that joins the two bottles. Not a bid deal but it helped to slide it.

We used old sage from outside to feed the crickets until the rye grass grows. Hope they like sage!

Next time we make it instead of cutting the bottom of the top layer (which makes the top of the ecosystem) we will cut a hinge door in the side and then tape that close. This will result in a cleaner finish with less tape and frustration. 

Now we sit back and wait for nature to run its course.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Ugly Chickens

Adolescent chickens are ugly. Period. End of story. Those soft cuddly chicks that poop everywhere have turned into awkward teenage chickens that poop everywhere.
So far all the chicks we brought home are still with us. I am anxiously awaiting when the coop will be put back together and our garage will be completely resided in beautiful cedar.

This is the very curious Plymouth Barred Rocks. They are a week older than the rest and about a third bigger.  We bought these because my dad is a big fan and they were in stock when we went. 

This is one of our Speckled Sussex chicks. They are quickly becoming my favorites of the bunch. I wasn't originally considering them but since this is what the store had and I read they are good layers I bought them.

This is one of the Black Sexlinks (or Black Stars). Definitely the ugliest of the ugly. Poor ugly things, hopefully they will have a winning personality.

Buff orpingtons. I think these are our friendliest. 

Looking forward to large amounts of fresh eggs with these ladies.

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