Friday, September 28, 2012

A Letter to My Daughter On Her Third Birthday

Dear Bean,

Today you are three! Wow, how did that happen so quickly? I am guessing it is because you are a ball of energy and movement that barely stops to sleep! You are slow to warm up but once that fire is lit watch out!

You are the most expressive child I have ever met, making at least 50 different faces while eating your supper. Taking pictures of you is always an adventure and requires a fast shutter speed!

Your heart is sensitive, often asking me "Are you happy now?" after you know that you did something that upset me. When you see me upset you are the first to offer a comforting hug and a pat on the back even when you are unsure what has caused the sadness. 

Your beauty is in the wildness of your curly hair, the callus on the thumb you suck, your eyes that are neither grey, brown or green but all of those at the same time. You prefer not to wear dresses unless you also have pants on. You love your super girl shirt.

Your brother started school this fall and the emptiness in the house is felt most acutely by you. You are still working on figuring out who you can be and what you can do without him around.

This summer you decided you wanted to get your ears pierced but ONLY if it was with Hello Kitty earrings. The first store we went to didn't have them so you said no. The second store did the ones you wanted and you sat braver and stiller than me while they pierced one ear at a time.

You saw the ocean for the first time this year and love it and I loved watching you experience it. 

You love Hello Kitty, horses, Caillou, making dinner, filling a page with small intricate circle designs, painting your finger nails, holding babies (real ones please), and owning but not wearing hair pretties.

When you were born I was afraid to have a daughter but now I can't image my life without you! Happy third birthday little girl.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Today was a big day for our family. My oldest went to his first day of preschool. Yes, I cried but not in an embarrassing kind of way. He was so excited and very ready for this day.

My husband and I dropped him off after he showed us his cubical and wrote his name on his white board. He ran off to play and waved good bye. (sniff, sniff)

I spent the morning with my daughter painting her nails, going to the bank and reading books. It was very, VERY quiet in my house.

We came to pick him up and he ran to the teacher saying "She's here, she's here - where is her card?!" (start to get teary eyed here)

They gave us cards based on the book The Kissing Hand.
That sucker is getting framed!

His teacher said he got a tears in his eyes when he realized we were gone and he didn't get to say goodbye but he recovered quickly and was back to playing again. On the way home he told me EVERYTHING and I feel really lucky since I hear so many stories about kids not sharing what happened in school. He gave me a blow by blow of the whole morning, it was wonderful. He made friends with the boy in the white shirt, they read books, played in the rice table, made cards (he picked the color red) and went on the playground. 
When we got home we completed this free printable interview for the first day back to school. My favorite question/answer:
My favorite thing about myself: My heart! 

That is my favorite thing about him too!

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