Sunday, November 7, 2010

Handmade Holiday Exchange

Two of my favorite things: 
1. Handmade gifts
2. Packages in the mail
Why not combine the two?

Join me for the first annual Tots and Bottoms' Handmade Holiday Exchange so we can spread our crafty love around the country. 

To participate in Handmade Holiday Exchange and receive a handcrafted item for yourself or to give this holiday season follow these simple steps:

1. Become a follower of the Tots and Bottom's Blog and/or join us on Facebook
2. Email (TotsAndBottoms (at) your address and I will send you the address of another participant
4. Create a handmade item between $5 and $20
5. Mail your creation to the address sent to you by December 18, 2010
6. You can post in the comments section what you are making if you like, but this is just good clean fun and not required

1. Please don't sign up unless you are actually going to participate because that is just sad
2. Items have to be handmade
3. I am not responsible if you do not receive an item, but still want to know
4. Non-perishable items only
5. US residents only

I would love to post pictures of what everyone is creating so please send me pictures of what you make/receive.

Help spread the word by adding the Handmade Holiday Exchange button to your blog. I wasn't able to make the picture link back to this post so don't forget to add that, or shoot me an email telling me what I am doing wrong!


Yay for handmade!


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