Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Letter To My Daughter On Her Birthday

Happy second birthday Little Girl!

You are my child of extremes, my saint and my sinner. Strong willed is and understatement!

You love your brother and want to do everything he does at the exact moment he is doing it. At the same time you don't let him push you around and that will serve you well in life.

Your favorite foods are pizza, fresh pick raspberries and waffles. You also love to steal sips of my coffee even though you have no need for caffeine. Your favorite book is the baby body part book. You love your cowboy boots.

I don't think you feel fear when it comes to testing your body's and gravity's limits. You love to jump off just about anything whether we are ready to catch you or not.

We are told how beautiful you are almost every time we go out, but you refuse to let me take a picture of you smiling- or your face for that matter. You are beautiful even when you are pouting.

You love your baby dolls, but not one in particular, and get excited when you see horses, dogs, cats, and big trucks. You love having your toe nails painted and desperately want to wear earrings. You have been banned from using crayons, pens, pencils and markers unless you are under direct supervision because you love to decorate any flat surface that isn't paper.

You are my spitfire, hellion and stick tight. I cant imagine our lives without you. We love you so much!!

Happy birthday little bean.


Jeanette said... Reply to comment

So sweet! Happy birthday, my little niece!

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