Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Girl Bed

My daughter moved into her big girl bed after she figured out how to jump out of the crib this past weekend. She had been asking for one for a while so the transition was really easy.
I scored the damask comforter at Ross for $10 and the hot pink sheets were $7. I am not a huge fan of pink but she loves them and for $17 we can afford to change our mind and not feel guilty.

While we were setting up the bed and taking down the crib my son asked when he was going to get a new baby sister for the crib. We asked him if he was sure he wanted another sister and not a brother and he was sure! So sweet, but I don't foresee that in your near future buddy.

The only hard part is now she has access to everything in their room and she sleeps with lots of books in her bed. Here are some ideas I thought might help.

Under the Mattress Book Holder
Source: via Nicola on Pinterest

Ikea Spice Racks

Fabric Book Shelves


Jeanette said... Reply to comment


I like the fabric bookshelves and the Ikea spice racks... any chance you up for a commission?

I wish I had the shopping sense that you do. I was psyched that I got our little guy's comforter and sheet set $30 off the original price, at Target, but it was still $60!

Jeanette said... Reply to comment

BTW, I primed little guy's bedroom tonight (painting it orange)and he and big guy are having their first sleep over. They've been playing and chatting in the big guy's bed for a half hour. Cute right now...

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