Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mid-Century Modern Paper Ornaments

This year I am determined to decorate my house for the holidays using what I have on hand. Luckily I have Pinterest on hand and inspiration is on overdrive most of the time. I love these mid-century modern ornaments and with a box full of card stock me and the kids got busy!

Here is the inspiration pin. You can find the original tutorial here from Design Sponge.

Cut and odd number of strips in gradually decreasing lengths, line up the ends and secure with staple or glue and repeat on other end, add string. The end.

I used a paper cutter and a hot glue gun. Mine are made with only 5 pieces of paper. If you want them to be really fat the inside piece should be significantly shorter than the outside layer.

To make the flower shape make a ball and then added a dab of glue to the center and flattened it.

Here are the ornaments hanging from my lights in the living room.

 And in the dining room.

Total cost: $0 (since I had everything) but if you were to go out and buy it would be about $1 to make two. I should have saved this for a cocktails and crafts since it was so easy!


monica said... Reply to comment

I just unpacked all my Christmas stuff and found about 30 old Christmas cards that I saved from past years because I kinda liked the artwork on them. I'm going to try this project with strips from the cards. You're so clever. :)

monica said... Reply to comment

Also, what do I even do with my construction paper? I'm sure I buy it, but I can never find any. Boo.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

Joann's is the kids craft section will have it! Or you could use scrapbook paper.

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said... Reply to comment

VERY cool and Tres chic... may have to give this a try!

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