Monday, May 24, 2010


Last week's Cocktails and Craft was inspired by one of my favorite craft blogs - LollyChops. Since we already had most of the materials thanks to the previous week's embroidery project, we thought we would give beading a try.

The cocktail - Malibu Bay Breeze
Shot of coconut rum
Cranberry juice
Pineapple juice
It is like summer in a glass!!

The materials for the beading project:
Size 11 beads
Nylon thread
Beading needles - not as easy to find as we thought, hard to thread and easy for me to break (so get extras)

Once again I moved the pattern and got a double image on this 12 month tank for Gigi.

I found it very slow going and hard to make a straight line when I wanted it straight and hard to make a curve when I wanted a curve.
Here is Jayna rockin' out a great butterfly - haven't seen the finished project yet...

Here is my finished tank. It took me ALL DAY to get that little thing done. I don't see a lot of beading in my future but think it will be nice to be able to embellish embroidery projects with some beads if I so choose (makes me laugh to think about embellishing an embellish)


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