Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children's Literature Wish List

When I was pregnant someone told me that I wouldn't have time to read anymore. Luckily, they were wrong. I still get to read, just not as long as I like and I read A LOT of children's literature.

My kids love books which makes me very happy (even when I have read the same one over and over and over again).

Some of my favorites include:

I have to admit though - I am looking forward to reading them chapter books. Last night I started to make a mental list of everything I wanted to read to them and came up with the following list:
I feel like I just wrote out my Christmas wish list! What am I missing?? What would be on your list?


Michelle said... Reply to comment

I have purposefully not read any of the Harry Potter books so that I can enjoy reading them for the first time together with the boys. I've avoided watching the movies on TV as well. It's going to be a while though!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

That is a great idea! I loved the series.

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