Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom - A.K.A. Pack Mule

Tomorrow the kids and I are leaving for NY to visit with some family I haven't seen in a VERY VERY long time. Kevin is staying home to take care of the dogs and chickens and most importantly, keep the bacon coming in.

I don't mind traveling alone, but tomorrow is going to offer a new challenge for me. Getting to, parking and getting inside of the airport - BY MYSELF! I have packed lightly but can't go much lighter than this:
- One large rolling suitcase with all our clothes
- One backpack that will act as diaper bag, toy carrier, camera case and lunch box
- One baby in ergo (I love you ergo carrier)
- One toddler (hopefully) in car seat strapped to a Go-Go Babyz - fingers crossed that he loves it as much tomorrow as he did today racing around the kitchen in it.
- Two blankies and two sippy cups

I am thinking I will look something like this walking to the airport check-in.
If I can actually make it inside of the airport I will feel like a super star. The tricky part is getting the baby out of the car seat and then taking out that same car seat to attach it to the stroller do-hicky and then getting Little Boy to sit in it. Strap on baby and back pack, and hope I can roll stroller and suitcase at the same time. I am hoping once I make it to the actual gate I will find some sympathetic passenger that will take pity on me and offer a hand in getting the car seat installed (fingers crossed again).

Did I mention that all this will be done at 4:00 am????
Driving cross country is starting to look more appealing by the minute.

Wish me luck!


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