Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We have eggs! 
I missed the first egg because I was in NY with the kids but now I am rewarded everyday with two fresh eggs. The eggs are still small but I hope as the chickens mature the eggs will get bigger. Kevin can't taste a difference but I can. They have a more vibrant color and I think they are creamer and just plain eggy-er.
Fresh egg in a nest fashioned by Max out of his blankies.
Little boy loves to pull the eggs out of the box but then doesn't want to let them go. The egg pictured above is in a nest he made for it. He almost makes me feel bad for frying them up by saying things like, "Ahhh Mom, look at the baby!" and "Do you hear a baby in the egg?" While I feel momentarily bad about taking the egg out of his makeshift nest, I feel much better after taking a bite out of a delicious fresh egg served over medium.
First fried egg, over medium - order up!
On a sadder, less tasty note - one of the Polish gals died. We aren't sure why but Kevin thinks it got stuck under the roost (a toddler bedframe) and couldn't figure out how to get out and panicked. I thought I would be more upset but think I was prepared after reading about all the ways a chicken can die. The sad part is now the other Polish gal (Elaine) walks around alone. Maybe next spring we can get her some more friends with silly hair dos.


Monica said... Reply to comment

I want to eat that. Put it in my mouth!

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