Friday, November 5, 2010

Tis Almost the Season

It has started... the first toy catalog arrived in the mail yesterday along with a severe case of "I want this." My kids do not have a lot of toys and what they do I have I would say they play with about 30% of them. Last year for Christmas M got so many toys that he got bored opening them. To add to the chaos his birthday is just a couple days after Christmas.

This year I vow to control my spending - one largish gift for each kiddo and then a couple smaller items. I am going to try and make the majority of the gifts such as; crocheted food, counting bean bags and new hats and then a couple store bought toys.

Hubby made this wonderful toy box for M that fits the majority of his toys. I would like him to make G a wooden doll pram. Aren't these adorable!

I hope I can encourage you to also cut back on the junk and think quality over quantity. Do you agree or am I just a Scrooge?


Kelly said... Reply to comment

Does your husband sell his toy boxes? WOW, I need this!

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