Monday, February 14, 2011

Slime and Snails

Nothing says Valentines Day like the gift of crabs!

M has really been into the book The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base so I thought what better gift for a three year old boy than a couple snails. After talking to my Sister-In-Law I learned that there are also small crabs that live in aquariums so I quickly added a crab for my sweetheart's Valentines Day gift.  I bought one Mystery Black Snail (I think has already met his demise, rest his little snail heart), one Mystery Blue Snail and one Red Clawed Crab.
I asked M what he wanted to name them and the snails are Shell and Another Shell and crab goes simply by Crab.
 G loves them just as much as M but has a harder time understanding that we don't put our hand in the tank.
I love how much they love them and hopefully we can keep the two survivors alive longer than a week. I do foresee another trip to the pet store because M asked me where the fish were. I did read this morning that I have to get fast moving fish because the crab will eat them (someone should tell the people at PetSmart that since they said the crab would never eat the fish/snails).


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