Thursday, March 10, 2011

Applique Madness - Necktie shirt and Chick

Yesterday I sewed this cute little chick I created in Photoshop. Applique takes patience, which I am slightly lacking in, so they are good projects for me to better my sewing skills. Click here if you want  to download the line art for this applique. I simplified the feet in the version I sewed but just cut that freehand.
While going through my favorite pile of scrap fabric Little Man took a piece of fabric and tucked it in his shirt and told me it was his tie. I am not sure where he got this idea since I can count on one finger how many times his dad has wore a tie since he was born. He even wanted to wear it to bed. I decided to let him pick out some fabric to make and applique tie. He went straight for the dragon and never veered from his choice. Trying to get the whole dragon in the tie wasn't that easy but he is a happy customer and insisted on wearing the shirt immediately. 
No pattern - I just drew it out on the heat and bond and then did a satin stitch around the edge. I little messy but acceptable to wear out in public.


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