Friday, March 25, 2011

Perfectly Paired Girl's Dress - Crochet Pattern

Perfectly Paired Girl's Dress

I have been wanting to make G a dress that combined crochet and fabric. I love crochet/knit dresses for her but if we are being honest here, I am wanted something faster because I can be lazy. I thought of making a formal pattern but 1) I didn't take super great notes when I was creating it and 2) I don't have the time to create a bunch in varying sizes. So consider this a semi-tutorial and do with it as you will.

I used cotton yarn and cotton fabric. 
I think I used a size 5.5 mm/I hook - but the kids ran off with it so I can't confirm at the moment.
One yard of fabric

Step 1: Measure around the chest of the gal that will be wearing this fabulous new dress

Step 2: Create a chain as long as your measurement from Step 1 and then add an inch or two - depending on how loose you want it.

Step 3: I did three rows of single crochet

Step 4: Decide where you want the button holes to be and then single crochet to that stop, chain 2, skip two stitches and continue. When you get to same spot on the opposite end, chain 2, skip two stitches and continue with single crochet to the end. Add another row or two of single crochet and bind off.

Step 5: Fold your rectangle in half to find the middle. Decide how wide you want the apron top to be and pick up equal amounts of stitches on each side.  I did two rows of single crochet

Step 6: Sc2tog on the first two and last two stitches of each row. This will create the taper. Repeat this until you have the top to your desired width. I then added two more rows of single crochet. Bind off.

Step 7: I used a contrasting color and picked up stitches along the edge. I just used a simple single crochet edge. Bind off. 

There the crochet part is finished! My sewing skills are pretty basic so I needed something simple. Shall we carry-on??

Step 8: I took one yard of fabric and cut it half (selvage to selvage). Create your hem, I  added some fancy-shamancy stitches just so I could test out my new machine.

Step 9: Using my ruffler foot (or a gathering technique) I created a gather along the top edge. I then went along the top with my pinking shears to prevent fraying.

Step 10: Sew the top of the skirt to the bottom of the crocheted bodice using a straight stitch on my machine. I just laid the bodice on top of the fabric and pinned - not right sides together like you would normally do with sewing. Sew up the back seam until you reach the bodice. Sew up the bodice using your preferred method, I used a slip stitch. Weave in ends.

Step 11: To create the straps I made double-fold bias tape and top stitched around. To get the length I measured G from the top of the apron to where the button holes are. I wish I had then added two inches so I could add more buttons as she grows, but that is for next time. I then sewed those to the crocheted bodice.

Step 12: Add buttons. 

Step 13: Step back and admire your hard work.

I am hoping that G can get two years out of this dress since I made it with crisscrossed straps.
If you have any questions let me know. I know this wasn't the greatest tutorial but consider it a chance to break out your artist license.

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