Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPhone 4 + Mom = Happy Family

For Mother's Day my family got me the iPhone 4 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I should also mention that I am not really in to jewelry, designer clothes or purses but I love gadgets. Give me an electronic as a gift and I am happy girl. Maybe this is the ying to my crafty yang.

I had a ipod touch which I loved but didn't love that I had to be in a free wifi area to make use of all its awesomeness. It is also handy to have a little camera to capture moments that would otherwise be lost because I don't carry my real camera everywhere I go (although I often wish I could). The quality isn't great but it works. I recently discovered I could upload images to Ravelry  using my iPhone which is nice when I have a WIP, which seems nicer than the blank square that normally fills that space.

Here are some of the recent images I took. 

You shouldn't eat dandelion seeds.
As I was writing this is made me giggle that I am complaining that my phone/computer/gps system/arcade/encyclopedia/camera doesn't take better pictures. 

More craft projects are in the works... stay tuned.


fugzilla said... Reply to comment

Yaay! Congrats on your iPhone. I love mine, and often use the blogpress app to make blogposts!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

That is great to know! I was wondering if there was a blogger app.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

omg I want one too. Congrats. It takes great pics!

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