Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Camera Strap

About 6 years ago my mom sent me a bag of strange looking crochet hooks that on first glance I thought were knitting needles. Having no clue what they were for I put them away - way, way, way back in my closet. I learned what they were really for about a year ago and since then I have had "Learn To Tunisian Crochet" on my list of new techniques to learn.

First thing I did was watch a couple YouTube videos on Tunisian crochet and then I bought the book Tunisian Crochet: The Look of Knitting with the East of Crocheting, by Sharon Hernes Silverman. After having the book sit on my shelf for a couple month I finally got motivated to give it a shot.

Using the basic Tunisian simple stitch, also known as the Afghan stitch, I made myself a camera strap cover. With some trial and error I found the right width to fit my strap.

Size 6 Tunisian Crochet Hook
Worsted Weight Yarn - I used Malabrigo - Hummingbird
Understanding of Tunisian Simple Stitch

Gauge: 6 stitches per inch

  • Create a foundation row of 20 stitches - I would recommend testing the width after a couple of rows to make sure it fits your specific strap
  • Work TSS for the entire length of strap
  • Turn work with right sides facing each other
  • I used a crocheted slip stitch to seam the edge
  • Turn half your strap inside out and work camera strap into cover
  • Unfold strap and pull the second half through


Jarka said... Reply to comment

thank you!!!!!! I wanted to make something like this for ages but didn't know how to start :D !!!this is definitely going on my to-do list!!!
thank you!!!!!

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