Tuesday, August 9, 2011

County Fair

I am in upstate NY with my family and tonight we visited the county fair.

Mmmmm fried dough.

Fried waffles, which I have only seen on the east coast. They aren't really waffles but batter that is placed on an iron design and then deep fried and covered in sugar. So good.

Fried pizza logs (I didn't make that name up). Is there anything that isn't good fried? After taking this picture I realized it resembled something a little less pizza-like and more Georgia O'Keeffe-like.

After the food the poultry tent was our next stop.

I want one of these Cochins. Don't know much about the breed yet but they are a round ball of a bird that isn't a heavy layer but super friendly.

My niece checking our where they sheared the sheep.

My daughter loved the goats. On my good camera I have pictures of her kissing a friendly goat.

I must be spoiled in Colorado because the home arts section was...lacking. There were some beautiful flowers but only one knit blanket, a couple quilts and one crocheted blanket.

And to round out the trip- one of the many creepy garbage can.

We have one more week here and the kids have turned their whine on to full blast and I am looking forward to not sharing a bedroom with them. Apparently vacation for a toddler and a preschooler means testing the patience of their mommy to the extreme limits.


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