Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Potato Project - Part Two

Two weeks ago we started our potato project. The results are what I feared and expected, if that makes any sense. The sweet potato on the right sprouted roots about a week into our project and then a couple days later started to sprout. The potato on the left started to grow mold.

I guess the jig is up. The potato on the right is the organic one.

It took longer for it to sprout than I expected but at least something happened.

The mold isn't super clear in this picture but if you look at the toothpick in front and then down to about the 4:00 position that little spot is mold.
We are wondering why all our conventional potatoes (the russet and red variety) seem to have no trouble sprouting in our cupboard. Do they not apply the same chemical to those varieties? I am definitely switching to all organic tubers.


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