Sunday, May 27, 2012

Macro Photography

Have I mentioned I love my macro lens. We had some issues in the beginning when I was learning how she worked but now that I understand and have learned to change my composition to accommodate those limits, I love her.

By using my macro lens I have been able to explore the world with the same wonder as my four year old. The macro lens allows you to see the smallest detail and turn an everyday object into something magical.

While taking these photos my son turned to me and said, "I think we got it Mom, you can go download them and post them for me." I almost responded with, "Back in my day we had go to the darkroom..."

I swear this may have been the world's largest dandelion. The puff on this thing had to be about the size of a small orange.

Another science project/chicken treat. We bought these meal worms at the bait store and fed most to the chickens but are going to watch 3 go through metamorphosis. Anyone remember that from 3rd grade?

Who doesn't love a good dog nose?


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