Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Super Fun Mountain Weekend

We spent Sunday afternoon at our friend's new mountain home. The little boys and the big boys got to ride dirt bikes and the girls went for a hike. M got new riding gear and I think if he could still be wearing it he would!

Could these little guys be any cuter?

G rode it to the top of the hill with me me on the back saying the whole time, "I think I am scared." On the way down she was helping me gun it and trying to steer. 

This is one of the amazing sculptures that my friend's husband created. If you are interested in learning more about this piece or his art shoot me an email. I love, love, love this owl.

Still in riding gear!

This is the view from their property. You can see the smoke from the recent forest fire. Colorado is so amazing. 

These are for you mom. As a general rule, photographers have a hard time taking pictures of their own kids. This is so G, dirty face, crazy hair and a goofy face when the camera comes out.

She looks so calm in this picture! Don't be fooled.


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