Friday, April 30, 2010

Buttercup Bag

Today is Friday so that means cocktails and crafts at my house. The craft - the buttercup bag by Made By Rae. The cocktail - Kahlua and coffee.

Kahlua and Coffee:
This is an easy one!
- One cup of coffee
- One shot of Kahlua
- Fresh whipped cream on top (I didn't add sugar to the cream)

So tasty and looks very pretty as well.

It was kind of a blah day outside so the kiddos (mostly) hung out inside.

Max loves these little ladies.

Okay - on to the bag...
Both of my fabrics are from the Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane Line. The flowered fabric is called Picnic Bouquet - cream and the blue fabric is from the same line and is called Hop Dot - sky.

Here is my little helper reading (eating) the pattern.

The finished project! Yay - I learned how to make pleats.


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