Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken Feed Prototype Bag

I got to thinking last time I bought Nutrena chicken feed that the bags they come in are very similar to the bags I bought at Wegmans for reusable shopping bags. So I got to cutting!

Keep in mind this was a first attempt and I wasn't sure how my sewing machine would handle the material.

First step - take off the top where the bags are sewn shut and then cut up one of the sides along a "seam."

I took the sides off to use at the handles. I was in a bit of a rush (nap time and all) and could have done a better job cutting it out.

I folded the handle pieces in half and straight stitched down the length of them.

Next I folded down the tops of the main bag pieces and straight stitched down them.

Then I sewed body together with right sides together. I wanted to make it a flat bottom so I folded the the bottoms to the side. (Clear and mud?) This part was harder for my machine, I could hear the struggling!!
By far the least thought-out part of this project were the handles! I should have attached them before sewing up the sides but I didn't, so live and learn. Again, my sewing machine wasn't thrilled to be sewing them up. You won't see any pictures of that part close up because to be honest - it is pretty messy.

For a project that was just done on the spur of the moment it isn't too bad. I know I will have plenty of feed bags in the future to practice on. It will easily hold a couple cereal boxes.

Here is Penelope checking it out!


Jayna said... Reply to comment

I love it!! Very cute. Don't break your machine on feed bags:)

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