Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clementine Birthday Doll

I really wanted to get G a Waldorf doll for her birthday but after finding out how much they cost I thought it was a better idea to make one. I purchased this pattern by LovelyWorld on Ravelry and thought it was so easy to make. I didn't want to make a knitted outfit too and after one failed attempt at a Simplicity doll dress pattern I decided to wing it.

Clementine - My first knitted doll
I bought a navy t-shirt at the thrift store because I know jersey doesn't fray and I could get away without finishing the edges. After two attempts I got a pattern that worked. After sewing the edges and the shoulders I realized that it was a bit too baggy. I attached a button the back shoulder and cut a small button hole on the other shoulder and voila - problem solved.

Close up of ruffle.
To make the ruffle I cut squares out of the small t-shirt and rounded the corners. By pinching the center and adding a couple stitches you end up with a small flower. I strung them all together with thread and then sewed them to the front of the dress. This totally made the dress! I love it.
I hope G loves Clementine as much as I do. Only one more month before her first birthday - can you believe it!


Hilary said... Reply to comment

I love it! The dress is so cute I want one in my size....

Jayna said... Reply to comment

Great job!!

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