Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bunting, Flags, Pennants - Whatever They Are Called

Fabric Bunting - or Flag or Pennant
Little Girl's birthday party is two weeks away and I have the one of the main decorating elements finished. My goal is to create things that we could reuse in the kids' room which definitely needs some girly touches.

Right now if you search Google for Bunting Tutorial you will get close to 100,000 results. These things can be super simple to make or as elaborate as you want to go. I decided to go on the easy side of the scale but hope I still achieved the wow-factor with the stenciled name across the front.

I cut triangles out of 1/4 yard of three different fabrics (odd numbers are nice in design). Pinking shears made the edges both fun and functional and (hopefully) now they won't fray as they hang on the wall.

I used freezer paper to make stencils and then outlined the painted letters with a Sharpie. There are also a million tutorials on how to make the stencils with freezer paper (FYI - freezer paper and wax paper are NOT the same, I learned that that hard way). Super simple, and can be accomplished during naptime.

After stencils were complete I slid some rick rack and the flag into some premade double-fold bias tape. Straight stitch down and call it a day. I think to finish the ends I am going to add some pink and orange ribbons or maybe some yarn pom-poms.

I am also going to make one for Older Brother and hopefully it will help pull the room together without being completely gender neutral or random - which for the record it is right now.


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