Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Bunny's Birthday

Birthday outfit made with disco dot and flora.
I am happy to report that Little Girl's first birthday party was great! The weather was hot but Kevin put up some tents and we busted out the slip and slide and the beer flowed freely. Pretty much everyone brought some food which was so kind and my fear of running out of food was quickly put to rest. The gnocchi I spent the last three weeks preparing didn't fare so well and when cooked up quickly turned to a big blob. One trip to the grocery store for some noodles and all was well again.
Bunny cake with cupcakes and tissue paper flowers.
My camera was acting wonky so I had to bump the saturation to show the detail. Not a bad look but I was disappointed I couldn't just hand my camera off to some one to take pictures without getting a completely over exposed shot. Good news is that I was able to get it working right after everyone went home.
Tissue paper pom poms.
Flower pinata that was inspired by Inchmark. Note to self: Mod Podge makes pinatas nearly indestructible. I did add pull strings but apparently I made them too secure and the hinge didn't open up exactly as planned. Eventually we got it open with some old fashion ripping and tearing.
Flower pinata


Kate Mori said... Reply to comment

SO beautiful! I've been waiting to see what you did for her. I love her outfit and the pinata. So, so pretty!

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