Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cocktails & Crafts - Beaded Bracelet

At Little Girl's birthday party my friend had a kick-ass beaded bracelet on that she graciously said she would teach us to make. The design is based on a Chan Luu bracelet and a tutorial can be found on Cut Out And Keep.

Audrey invented at fabulous cocktail which for the purpose of this post I will call the Yummy Pulp:
  • Pink lemonade
  • Sprite
  • Clementine flavored vodka
  • Pureed clementines
  • Ice
  • Sugar rim if you like
Mix up in the ratio you desire and enjoy. The pumpkin in the picture was just our attempt at food styling.

Here is the beginning of my bracelet. The hardest part was getting the beading started but once you get on a rhythm it gets easier and almost meditative.

Yummy Lunch!

Chan Luu Inspired Bracelet
The biker chick version.
I still have to add the bead glue to finish them off and since the kids are both asleep right now I think I will head outside now.


LollyChops said... Reply to comment

Wow! I just love that bracelet (and heavens that food looks good)!

Thanks for sharing!

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