Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kite Festival

Today we went to a kite festival. There were so many young kids there and best of all it was free! They let the kids decorate their own kite but Grandma ended up buying a beautiful kite with a really really long tail. It was soooo windy that we had trouble getting the kites to stay up. I foresee this being an annual event at our house.

I tried a new Photoshop technique in the picture above. I adjusted to color curve using the solarizing tool. Unfortunately, I keep getting an obvious edge around G's face. If anyone has any suggestions I am ready to hear them!

We have been calling this her cupcake dress all day because it has such a full skirt. I am not sure she was a fan but it is now 4:15 pm and she is still wearing it.


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