Friday, April 8, 2011

Small Victories

When I was pregnant the first time I knew it was a boy even though we never had it confirmed. My second pregnancy I had no idea what I was having so I stayed up at night worrying about things like:
1. What do you do with a little baby girl
2. If it is a baby girl who will teach her how to wear makeup - cause I still haven't figured it out.
3. I don't know how to french braid!
4. What if she wants to take dance lessons, how will I feel about that? (I used to train professionally to be a modern dancer, but that is a story for another time.)
5. What if she likes or even loves the Disney Princesses?

Today I can happily report that I can cross number 3 off the list! It isn't pretty but I did manage to form some version of a french braid in my own hair after being inspired by a hip mom at Costco this past weekend. I loved her hair style so much I had to stop and tell her (who doesn't like a random compliment?) She told me her secret was to pull from only one side of the braid! Stroke of genius I tell you!

Thank you random hip mom from Costco. You gave me the courage to try again and with only minor whining and arm fatigue I was able to cobble this together. Sure it is a little messy but it is identifiable as a french braid. I wasn't sure what to do with the braid when I was done so into a low bun the braid and the rest of my hair went.


Fugzilla said... Reply to comment

Great job. :-) I love french braids! The question is... Does she like Disney Princesses? :-)

Sarah said... Reply to comment

@FugzillaFugzilla - Right now she is blissfully unaware of pretty much anything Disney. She is starting to get into hair pretties and loves dogs and horses.

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