Monday, March 29, 2010

Polish Gals

It started out as a simple trip to our local farm supply store and we ended up buy two more chicks! They got a large shipment in of a lot of different types of birds including the Polish Crested that my husband loves - what can I say, he has a thing for the Polish Gals. We aren't sure if we got two hens (fingers crossed) but if we did up with roosters I will make an attempt to find them a nice home before taking an other necessary actions .

I kind of wish we waiting to buy all our chicks since their was such a larger selection - but live and learn. I still love my other ugly adolescent chicks and will love them more when they are out of my laundry room.

Here is what they will look like full grown - you can see the appeal. I love these old chicken prints.

Here are my baby girls (positive thoughts). Right now I am calling them Elaine and Rose after two of my favorite Polish women. Hope they don't mind!!
If they do mind I might call them Pierogi and Golumpki.


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