Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baldy Baby Hat - Crochet Pattern

Tired of everyone asking you when your baby is going to grow some hair? I have the product for you!

This free crochet pattern will cover your baby's bald head with thick locks of yarn. This pattern works up incredibly fast and I hope your family gets as many laughs as mine did.

Your baby can go from this:

To this:

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hautemama said... Reply to comment

Linked over from Ravelry. I love this! It is so awesome! I have a little guy but I'm going to see what I can do. Awesome!

Stitched With Love . . . . said... Reply to comment

Love this! It's just hysterical, and your baby is gorgeous!!! I had a baldy baby, and they're gorgeous with or without hair, but I LOVE what you came up with!!! I saw this on the Crochet Ravelry page.

debbie shipley (mysparetimedesign) said... Reply to comment

As the mom of three boys, two who didn't have their first haircuts until they had started school...I think bald babies are gorgeous!!!
However, this fall we had our first grandchild (step for me) and he has more hair than you can imagine....and is adorable..so either way they are the cutest and so is this idea....but trust me she won't be wearing it to her Grade 8 graduation...eventually it all comes in...
She is a sweety and she has gorgeous eyes!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

@Stitched With Love . . . .

Thank you so much!

Alli said... Reply to comment

This is so funny! I have a baldy baby girl who could use this - then people wouldn't think she is a boy all the time!

heathermcm@windstream.net said... Reply to comment

too adorable! I want one for me.

jenn said... Reply to comment

Also linked over from Ravelry... Great project!!!
Are you sharing the pattern? It's listed as a free pattern, but my old eyes couldn't find it on the blog...

Sarah said... Reply to comment


Jenn- If you click on the words "Baldy Baby Hat" above the picture it is a link to the pdf.

Sorry if that wasn't clear.

jenn said... Reply to comment

Sarah! YOU ROCK! Thanks! (I must have been to excited to notice the obvious!!) I can't wait to get my own grandbaby baldy sporting a new 'do!!!!!!!

ejay said... Reply to comment

where is the pattern? Am I missing something, cuz I can not find it? Would love to make this baldy baby hair hat

ejay said... Reply to comment

Thanks Sarah, quess I should have read the comments first. Can't wait to make this!!

Miss Stovetop said... Reply to comment

I think this is genius. I'm so tired of people asking me if my 3.5 month old is a boy, despite dressing her head to toe in pink. Wish I had the craft skills to make this :o

zoom yummy said... Reply to comment

Amazing. I love the whole idea. And I love the photos of your baby too! Precious. And oh so funny. Thanks for sharing. :) Petra

Stephanie said... Reply to comment

Haha, this is so incredibly cute! Awesome idea!

Musings from the girl next door... said... Reply to comment

this is SO clever! thanks for sharing!


Blue Velvet Chair said... Reply to comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blue Velvet Chair said... Reply to comment

I see that I'm not the only one that loves this project! Fabulous! I've featured it on my website today with a few other projects and I hope you'll have a look. I'm also 'following' so that I can see what you'll be doing next!


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said... Reply to comment

Oh my goodness! I so wish I would have had this when MY baby girl was little...even though we dressed her in pink and bows people would still say "how old is HE?"
I found you via Pinterest and so happy I did :) I am also a photographer and have some clients I am sure would love to see this lol
Your little "baldy" is SO stinkin cute!!!!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

@Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff...
I would love to see some of your pictures! Thank you for the kind words.

Aliada Art said... Reply to comment

This is absolutely adorable! I am going to try to make this for my little girl! :)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I was a baldy until I was past two. This is great! Nicole

Tamara - Moogly said... Reply to comment

So funny! Featured on Moogly this morning: http://www.mooglyblog.com/free-crochet-wig-patterns/ :D

hbelle521 said... Reply to comment

Any chance you have a video? I'm having a hard time understanding how you attached the sewn hair. I think I understand how you sewed it, but I don't understand how you then attached it with a whipstitch. Maybe you were using thread to whipstitch and not yarn? I would like to make my daughter an Aviva (from Wild Kratts) wig for Halloween.

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