Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second Book Ideas

So I haven't exactly finished writing my first craft book but in true Sarah fashion I have already started thinking about my next idea. I want it to be a craft book all about babies and kids. Not really crafts for the kids to do, but stuff to make for them - blankets, room decor, toys, etc.

Laying in bed last night I thought about using the word virgin in the title. Something like Virgin Cocktails and Crafts for the Non-virgin. That seemed like maybe, just maybe, it crossed some line so then I thought - Cocktails and Crafts - Baby and Kid Edition but that sounded like we were going to be serving drinks to babies and kids and is a little boring. 

I want the book to give you a peek at my sense of humor but I don't want to offend anyone. Maybe I need accept that I can't make everyone happy and have to decide if I want a little shock or mass appeal.

Do you have any suggestions for a title? If I use your title you will for sure get a mention in the book and a free copy - you know... when I actually have it written and published.


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