Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do You Hear That?

Do you hear that? It sounds like... angels singing.

For two nights in a row my baby girl has slept THROUGH THE NIGHT! I feel like a completely normal person right now.

I would like to take a moment and thank those who made this possible:
Sleep Sack - We couldn't have done this without you!
The Baby Jesus - He heard my prayers!
Mom - For the light bulb moment on why she isn't sleeping.
Hilary - For listening to my whining, sleep-deprived hysterics.
Jayna - For all that tough love!

Special mention goes out to my son who had to endure all the screaming while he tried to get a good night sleep and to my dog Roma who faithfully got up with me every night to help out.

Joann Fabrics must have also heard my plea because fleece is on sale for $3/yard right now so I am ready to make a dresser full of sleep sacks.

Life is good.


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