Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Intervention

Do you ever feel like you project list is just getting longer and nothing is ever crossed off? I was taking stock of all the projects I have either started or bought the materials for but haven't started and it is slightly embarrassing.

1. Cathedral window quilt
2. Knitting photo prop
3. Two Tunisian crochet patterns I need to commit to paper
4. Refashioned t-shirt dress
5. Anchor t-shirts for pirate themed birthday (wow, one I can actually cross off)
6. Zig zag quilt
7. Refinished dresser to house all my craft supplies (in progress)
8. Bird fascinator - oh yeah.

I feel like every time I start a project it inspires another project, especially those involving yarn. Maybe I need a craft intervention? 


The AfterCraft said... Reply to comment

I think of it as schizocraftia..switching wildly from one project to another.Certain projects talk to you and you have to do what they must start another!! It's payday so you can/must buy another!! resistance is futile!!!

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