Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sock Bun Curls

Thanks to Pintrest I have recently been inspired to try new hair styles. I have found a bunch of cute styles that are fast and look like I made a bit of effort to be presentable.

Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

Last night I attempted the sock curl. Basically you put your dry/damp hair in a high pony tail (kinda loose) and then using a sock you roll your hair up into one big curl. I tied the two ends of the sock together and went to bed.  When I woke up I just undid the whole thing and used a little shine spray to cut done on the frizz and we were done. Mine doesn't look as amazing as that chick but I am pleased with the results.
A little bit of effort and I am rewarded with feeling better about myself and think I have a better day. Next time I might try using thinner socks and adding one or two more to see what kind of curls that creates.

My son took these pictures and I think he did a pretty good job!


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