Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puff Daddy's Baby

I finished up a sweet little photo prop last night - Puff Daddy's Baby by Anna and Heidi Pickles.

I think I will make another that is fatter and shorter so I can make sure all newborns will fit on the cushion. The pattern calls for it to be knitted flat and then seamed but I wasn't up for that so I cast-on with smaller needles and more stitches (US 17 - 12.75 mm and somewhere around 40 stitches). 

To make this size took three skeins of Jiffy held together. I could even gotten away with using two since I created a gray pillow case to hold the polyfil - I hate seeing the white polyfil peak through. I also seamed one end using elastic so I could pull the pillowcase out for easy cleaning, newborns can be unpredictable like that.
 My son loves it and I think a whole set in rainbow colors would look great.
You can grab the pattern here: http://www.pickles.no/puff-daddys-baby-eng/


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