Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bye Baby Man, Hello Toddler Man

Am I seriously getting upset that my son is in the process of being potty trained? I think so...

Don't get me wrong I am NOT going to miss all the diaper washing, the big cloth diaper butt, having to convince him to sit still while I change him or lugging half the diapers we own ever time I have to leave the house.

But diapers seem like the last little bit of baby left in him.

Today we had an almost completely diaper-free day and it just struck me how fast it is all going. Didn't we just bring him home a couple months ago? Where did the big-boy bed come from? When did he become difficult to pick up? I am sure all these hyper-sensitive emotional thoughts are being aggravated by the fact that I was listening to Trace Adkins's You're Going To Miss This (I know - so cheese-ball but I am a sucker for this stuff) and by the fact I also spent the morning at my friend's house inheriting her girl's baby clothes knowing how hard it was for her to part with those favorite outfits and thinking how I need to do the same. (Thanks Jayna).

For all you fellow sentimental fools out there here is the Trace Adkins' song and for a double whammy you can watch it with the quick slide show I made. I am off to go snuggle with my little guy.


Monica said... Reply to comment

That makes me cry :)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

weeping into my tea now ladies!

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