Monday, June 28, 2010

First Time For Everything!

It has been the week of many first here in Colorado.
1. I got my first stitches (not from a surgery) while making granola bars for camping (only two and just missed the tendon- phew!)
2. Max got car sick for the first time on our way to go camping - throw up in the car when you still have 40 minutes to go isn't a good time
3. We went camping as a family
4. I drove a dirt bike and managed to survive.

Camping with a baby requires a lot of gear. I was happy I brought her a chair to sit and eat in because holding a baby while trying to feed one isn't so much fun. I had to convince Kevin that it was necessary but I think he saw the value in it once we were there. Sleeping in a tent with a baby that has just learned to crawl also was a bit of a challenge. We put Max in the pack n play and Gigi slept in my sleeping bag with me, which was fine, but meant that I had to go to bed when she did and didn't get to hang-out with the grown ups.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the riding the dirt bike. And by riding I mean driving - not sure on the dirt bike lingo, because I had been on a dirt bike before, just not driving it... I digress. Third gear was all I made it to but I am pretty proud of that. I told Kevin not to get me one until both kids were also riding or else it would just sit in our garage taunting me. Too bad Burley doesn't make an off-road dirt bike version.

I loved how dirty my kids were when we got home. The bath water was definitely dingy. So if you need clean kids that don't eat pine cones, dirt and sticks, I do not recommend camping with babies.


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