Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Progress Report

Well Blogger boss it is like this... I have been real busy with some other stuff and haven't had a lot of time to work on my book. I know, I know - no excuses. I promise by the end of the week you will see a draft of my introduction and the table of contents typed up. When you hired me you knew I was easily distracted.

It isn't like I have been doing nothing blogger boss. Here is what I have been working on lately... a preview of my first attempt at a quilt. I am embroidering all the baby animal squares and I bought some fabric I love for it. I also finished knitting Gigi's birthday doll but you can't see that until I get some clothes made for her (you know how those pictures can come back to haunt you).


Monica said... Reply to comment

The embroidery looks great! You're so talented :)

Jayna said... Reply to comment

I LOVE the embroidery so far!! Talented is Sarah. I love the pic, how you hung the fabric on the line, great way to show it off!

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