Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting Patiently

So to answers everyone's questions about the chickens - No they haven't started to lay eggs yet. They have taken to sleeping in their nesting box rather than the roost we made them out of an old toddler bed frame. It is funny to peek in and see three hens all crammed into one nesting box. One poor regular sized hen is always left out (why she doesn't get in the other nesting box is beyond me) and the two crazy polish crested hens (yes we still think they are hens) sleep on the door to the nesting house.

White Polish Crested ChickensWhite Orpington

I know I have to get them to stop somehow or when they do start laying we will just have a bunch of poop covered broken eggs - sounds lovely. I am open to any suggestions on what to do to get them out of the nesting box during the night.

White Polish Crested Chickens
Rose and Elaine - the Polish Crested

Eggs or no eggs - I still enjoy having them around to watch and eat bugs.


The Muellers said... Reply to comment

Sarah I am an idiot and am just realizing that this is YOUR blog... I think when I saw you posting things I thought it was just articles,etc. Im a slow-be. :)

OK, so you are added to my reade so I can keep up with you, too. And I saw on FB you have mastitis??? NO GOOD! Praying for healing for you soon! said... Reply to comment

I would rather have grandchildren named after me...than a chicken...sorry! Better to go to your second choice.

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