Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good-byes Suck

First Fishing Trip With Grandpa
 This morning we dropped my dad off at the airport shuttle and the whole drive back home I listened to my son cry because he wanted to go to NY with Grandpa on the airplane. This was the first time he really understood what was going on and it broke my heart.

Moving 1600 miles away from your family is tough but once you have kids it gets so much harder. When we moved here to Colorado I thought it would be a short-term stay and then we would eventually make our way back to the East Coast. Ten years later and I have a hard time even imagining what living in that time zone would be like.

We are lucky that my husband's parents spend half the year here with us and I really wish I could convince my parents to do the same.

This was a great visit with my dad but I wish that every visit didn't end with a sad good bye and so many months between seeing each other again. 
Fishing Trip Number Two - For the record - Fish 2/Fisherman 0


MorganFamily said... Reply to comment

FYI - seeing grandparents every 8 weeks for a day and a half sucks too. Gavin drew "a map to grandma's house" tonight so that we can go back and find her. :(

I am so glad your visit went well!

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