Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Last night we went to a Halloween party at a local school and Little Man won second place!

But let's be honest, I was more excited than he was - validation for all that work on my crappy sewing machine!

We had a great time, thank you to the local firemen for putting on this event.

Baby Girl has a fever so she didn't get to go and won't be trick or treating tonight either. I am really happy that I decided to make her costume so large, it will easily fit next year and she will be more likely to actually walk around wearing it.

 Wonder Women won first place and the Garden Gnome came in third - how cute are they?

I picked up this blue wig at the grocery store and boy was it itchy, I guess that is the trade off for a $6.00 wig. I also tried to do some Jerseylicous make-up but my husband just said it looked like normal make-up. Oh well, it felt like heavy eye make-up to me.


Monica said... Reply to comment

This costume is amazing! You're so talented.

Jayna said... Reply to comment

The event was acutally put on my the Milliken Police...we just assist for free. Geez...get it right.

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