Friday, October 8, 2010

Oliver + S Music Box Dress

This project started with a mantra that went something like this:
I will follow all the directions.
I will press my seams.
I will take my time while cutting.
I will read and then reread the directions until they aren't in Greek
I can do this.

Oliver + S Example Dress
What I love about Oliver + S patterns is that they are written for the person who has just cracked open the box of their first sewing machine. The Music Box dress gets their easiest rating and I would have to agree. I messed up the inverted box pleats but I guess that is what I get for trying to sew this at 10:00 at night with a two year old (I have no idea why he was still awake) "helping" me.

This dress is in the 18 - 24 month size and I haven't tried it on Baby Girl yet but the top feels small to me.

I love the pin dots but think I might applique a matryoshka doll to the bodice or skirt - that is if it fits her. Next time around I am going to opt for the simpler version of the skirt with one or no pleats or perhaps try and sew it without the help of my two year old assistant.

And for the record - I did follow most of the directions, I cut out the fabric slowly and carefully, all the seams were pressed and I think I pulled it off.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

That is absolutely beautiful! I want one in my size....

Jayna said... Reply to comment

Very cute!!!!

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