Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mummy Halloween Costume

When I was growing up Halloween in my house meant go down in the basement, dig through the dress up bin and see what you can come up with. I am bound and determined to make M and G's costumes for as long as they let me and hopefully it teaches them some life lessons about thrift, creativity or some other equally valuable lesson you see fit to insert here.

I found an online tutorial that showed how to make a "simple" mummy costume using an old sheet, knit shirt and pants. Perfect for both kids right? Wrong! I think my sewing machine has it out for me. I must have rethread it 50 times (no exaggeration) and was able to create this.

Mummy Costume For A Toddler
In theory this is a great beginner costume because you don't need to sew straight lines and messy adds to the effect.  I didn't have white pants (imagine that for a 2 year old) so I used some old blue sweatpants. I figure it will be dark and no one will notice but me. 
M loved helping me rip the sheets into long strips but still refuses to try it on. I have faith that come Halloween he will love the idea of dressing up as a mummy. As for G - I am moving on to plan B and think she will be a raven since it will require very little use of my sewing machine.


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