Monday, October 25, 2010

Yarn Pumpkins Don't Rot

I should be working on costumes but decided to make this cute crocheted pumpkin instead. Is it bad that I get excited when I finish a project and my son can identify the object? As I typed that I realized that maybe that made him sound a little dim-witted, which isn't what I was intending. I am sure you understand what I was trying to convey. 

The pumpkin turned out a little smaller than I had hoped but I think the pattern can be easily adjusted to make a bigger pumpkin. Here is the pattern if you are interested in making one yourself.
Crocheted Pumpkin

Okay, off to swim lessons. From the slow, deep breathing on the couch I think that means waking my little man up after he insisted he wasn't going to take a nap.


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