Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gocco Discovery

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am a doula and photographer and have been either waiting for a birth, attending a birth or editing some beautiful birth pictures. I would love to share the photos but that is a big ole no-no until mom and dad give me the go ahead.

But I am back, with a new obsession. I was cruising around Pintrest (my newest addiction) and found something called Gocco. Picture this little toy looking machine that allows you to make your own screen prints easily! I have wanted to get into screen printing but just haven't had the time to make or buy a screen. I want this.

If you want to see how easy the process is check out the web site

The problem I am having is actually finding a machine for sale. A Google shopping search shows that they run anywhere from $150 to over $700. That makes me nervous. Definitely have to do some more research on how to buy one.

The process looks easy enough. Draw your image using a carbon pencil, burn it onto screen using the poison lighbulb and then add ink and press. If anyone has used one of these machines or knows a reputable place to buy one I would love to hear from you!


Cat. said... Reply to comment

YEARS ago a friend of mine bought one of these and had big plans. i don't think it ever made it out of the box. i don't talk to that friend anymore... and i often think about his Gocco sitting in a closet somewhere. and i kick myself for not having bought one when they were still available for a normal price.

i have seen what it can produce in person and its makes even the simplest designs look really neat.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

Makes me sad to think of that awesome machine sitting in a closet somewhere!!

Cat. said... Reply to comment

i know Sarah! and many times i have thought about contacting that guy and asking if he'd sell it for what he paid, which i think was less than $100. but then he might catch on to my want and try to inflate the price!!! tee hee.

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